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Moriarty’s Parlor


A Sherlock Holmes themed room based on an 1890's London England Parlor. Professor Moriarty is expecting Sherlock Holmes to pay him a visit and has booby-trapped his parlor in anticipation.

Blackbeard’s Treasure


You and a group of friends have stolen onto Captain Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge while he and his crew are ashore.

Sea Voyage


You and your friends have booked passage on a 1930's tramp steamer to Europe. In the middle of the night, you are awakened by an odd grinding noise, but think nothing of it.


Great fun! The room was a nice challenge and provided multiple opportunities for the group to collaborate with their clues. The clues were hidden with such creativity. I would recommend this room to anyone looking for a challenge that requires them to "think outside the box".
Deana Hilliard
I really enjoyed using Industrial Escape rooms. Having done a few other rooms, I was especially impressed with the quality of puzzle the room provided. A large group was able to stay occupied the whole time and we received just the right amount of help to keep things exciting. I'd recommend this place for corporate training or a fun party option.
Aaron Brooker
Great experience! I did the Sherlock Holmes room with a few friends, we got so close to solving it but couldn't get the last lock open! Still satisfied with my experience even though we didn't win the game. The staff did a good job explaining the concept and the guy working "behind the scenes" did a good job of giving helpful clues when we needed them. So much fun!
Peter Hansen
I don't think I've ever had more fun in the process of losing! Yes, the Sherlock Holmes room was challenging and, yes, it beat us! The host did a good job of giving nudges in the right direction every so often, while still letting us discover the answers to the puzzles ourselves. And that's the best part! There are some really ingenious puzzles here that are extremely satisfying when you realize how they work. Five stars!
Jared Totten

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